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FETISH WEEKEND 2007 Edit by Martin Perreault - Music by Francis Vincent

FETISH WEEKEND 2006 Edit by Martin Perreault - Music by Francis Vincent

POLYMORPHE 2006 Edit by Mike Parenthal - Music by Francis Vincent

FETISH WEEKEND 2005 Edit Mike Parenthal


MUSIQUE PLUS Interview - Bianca Beauchamp @ Project Latex Land exhibition / FW 2007

ALL ACCESS 2007 PART 1 - PART 2 Bianca Beauchamp @ FW 2007

ALL ACCESS 2006 film promo clip - Bianca Beauchamp @ FW 2006

LATEXTACY 2007 promo clip - Edit by Martin Perreault - Music by Francis Vincent

LCN PART 1 LCN PART 2 Bianca Beauchamp interview/entrevue par Denis Levesque @ FW 2007

GUY MONGRAIN TQS Bianca Beauchamp interview / entrevue @ FW 2007

WEB PRESSE Bianca Beauchamp interview / entrevue @ FW 2007

BENOIT DUTRIZAC Bianca Beauchamp / Martin Perreault interview / entrevue @ FW 2006

FLASH TQS Bianca Beauchamp interview / entrevue @ FW 2006

GLOBAL TV NEWS 2006 FAME GAME Bianca Beauchamp interview / entrevue 2006

Plus de 2500 personnes on participé aux événements du Weekend Fétiche de Montréal 2007. Ce fût émouvant de partager avec vous de si beaux moments. Sans votre support il nous serait impossible de présenter ce genre d'événement. Au nom des membres de l'équipe, je vous remercie de votre généreuse participation.

More than 2500 attended the events of the 2007 Montreal Fetish Weekend. It was a moving experience to share such beautiful moments with you. Without your support, it would be impossible to present this type of event. On behalf of the team, I thank you for your generous participation.

World acclaimed fetish icon BIANCA BEAUCHAMP gathered her fair share of media exposure for the cause. Through sustained printed and televised media exposure, she changes the general populace's perspective of our ideal. Kudos to her!

Featuring the LATEXLAND EXHIBIT as its launch pad, last year's event was a true success with capacity crowds attending the various activities of the weekend.The Latexland project, the brainchild of photographers Martin Perreault & Gil Perron, defies all logic as it embodies true latex fetishism incorporating it in everyday scenes of life.

A jewell of cinematic imagery, DOMINIC VINCENT EMBRYO is a celebration of beautiful latex fashion by Polymorphe with the curvaceous Bianca Beauchamp in the staring role. It is very rare that such a gem embodies the true delights of all latex fetishists. Dowload your free copy now and enjoy - Music by Francis Vincent

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JOURNAL LA PRESSE Jeudi 30 Aout 2007 :: Latex, The New frontier! (a well respected newspaper of the French culture in Quebec) published an in-depth report about the frenzy and fantasy of latex fashions and its impact in current pop culture. The full page report allowed participants in the fetish weekend's activities to voice their thought in the matter of ideal, perception and the realities of our movement.

JOURNAL VOIR Jeudi 30 Aout 2007 :: Latex Glam

SKIN TWO MAGAZINE #57 ::"Montreal Rocks! Montreal Fetish Weekend is a celebration of pervery in one of North America's most civilised cities."

MARQUIS MAGAZINE #40 ::"Montreal Fetish Wekend review"

THE MONTREAL MIRROR August 31st 2006 ::"Montreal Fetish Wekend preview"

MARQUIS MAGAZINE #41 :: "Fetish Weekend event highly recommended and surely one of the best parties of the new world"

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