We are happy to announce that contracts are signed and Kink In The Caribbean, the annual seven night, all inclusive "Fetish In Paradise" vacation will once again return to the Hedonism III Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. This year's event, Kink6: "Rubber Soul" will be held November 5-12, 2005 and we absolutely, positively promise this to be our biggest and best event to date.

We are already knee-deep in the planning stages for Kink6, and it shall be nothing less than spectacular! Truly an event of International proportions. We will be introducing several new theme parties to Kink6, so be prepared to work on your wardrobe (LOL). And we've already started assembling an incomparable lineup of performers for Kink6 -- lots of new faces, and never before seen talent. Suffice to say, we have lots in store for Kink6: "Rubber Soul", so keep watching for details coming soon.

We would like to take a moment to extend our thanks to all the wonderful Kink5 attendees from the US, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Amsterdam, UK, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Brasil and The Czech Republic who made this past event absolutely amazing. Especially our many beloved "Alumni" members who have continued to patronize our event year after year after year.

And of course a special thanks to our star-studded performance crew which included Bianca Beauchamp, Paul Nathan, Rubberella, Jewell Marceau, Ian Rath, Eden Wells, Mistress Gemini, Bondage Master Lew Rubens & Maria Shadoes, Vann Godfrey, Ubergal, Aerial Chain Goddess Brandy, Livia Choice, Grinder Girl Combustible Kiva & Ritual Clown Cosmic Colt, and Jade-Blue Eclipse, just to name a few. And last but not least, the incredible fashion shows provided by Absolute Danny, WhiplashUSA and Paul C Leather.


As Kink In The Caribbean continues to grow in popularity, we urge hopeful Kink6 attendees to please register early! Only by doing so, can you ensure your attendance and help us secure a larger portion of the resort for just us "perves". Last year, we had ten couples begging to come on board the week of the event, but as many of you are aware, the resort was completely sold out! Sadly, at that late date we had to turn them away.

This coming year, we are determined to achieve the largest turnout to date. In an effort to do this, we are offering some very special "Early Bird" Registration Incentives, which can provide you with substantial savings . You know what they say about catching the worm :-)

The deadline for taking advantage of these special incentives is February 1st.
No exceptions. Also, because of the substantial discounts offered, we cannot accept credit card payments. Checks, money orders or wire transfers are preferred.

Early Bird Incentive #1
Save $400.00 on Pool View Rooms We have exactly fifteen (15) Pool View Rooms, which we are offering at a dramatically reduced price of just $3000.00. That's a savings of $400.00 off K6 prices! They are available on a first come, first served basis, and they won't last long, so we urge you to contact us IMMEDIATELY if you wish to reserve one and save!

Early Bird Incentive #2
"Triple Play"
We have only five (5) Pool View Rooms specifically set aside for Threesomes. This can be any combination of play partners - 2 males/1 female or 2 females/1 male. We are offering these rooms at a reduced price of $4600 (Reg. price $5100.00 ). This is a very special offer, as we typically charge full rate for a third person in the room, and the resort doesn't even allow three in a room anymore, unless they are all women! So these rooms are actually, uh, illegal! That should make it even more enticing. Save $500.00

Early Bird Incentive #3
"#3 Goes Free"
Very simply put, three women in the same room, one stays free! Talk about double standards. This is a great way for single women to hook up, join our group, spread the love and even spread the savings among the group. Save $1700.00

Early Bird Incentive #4
Free Bonus Nights For Referrals...
For every NEW COUPLE you get to sign up for a minimum of seven nights , you'll receive (1) additional free bonus night to your stay. Use it to extend your stay, or save it for next year...your choice. But the couple has to be brand new to Kink - not an Alumni member.

Early Bird Incentive #5
Stay A Second Week And Save!!!
Can you imagine Kink In The Caribbean lasting two whole weeks? Whew! Well, that's what we're shooting for this year. Extend your stay a full 7 days, and we'll knock 20% off the cost of your second week. Use the extra time to chill out and recuperate...or continue to party your ass off.

For additional information, pricing, schedule of events, etc.,
please call Robert at 212-253-8402 (US),
or visit our website at
for comprehensive info, photos and on-line registration.

Email inquiries can be directed to RFSuite@AOL.COM.

The Fetish In Paradise Vacation of a lifetime



Just wanted to let you know that Kink was the most exciting event in my life, and I will definitely be back next year.
- Michelle, London

Wanted to let you know we had a great time, and will be back next year. We believe you will have no trouble attracting an even larger crowd next time.
- Mick & Dee, Pennsylvania

Our week at Kink was wonderful! Interesting and freindly people-a Gorgeous location.. and kink at every tum.-Well be back, next year!
- Karen & Judd, California

We had a great time at Kink. We could never have imagined such a complete fetish and B&D experience. Each day brought new and creative kinky entertainment, the people in attendance were wonderful, and the private play was almost without end. I can honestly say that we have made new friends that we will keep for life.
- Simone Devon, Los Angeles

Because of the great time we had, we decided to attend Kink 2 before we even left the hotel for the airport! A great group of people with diverse interests, yet mutual respect for each other and their kink.
- Ned & Lisa, Michigan

Kink In The Caribbean was incredible! So much to take in, so little time. We will definitely be back for Kink 2.
- Rose & Scott

I had a fucking blast.
- Sonny, Los Angeles

Thanks for the fantastic Kink. A vacation to remember. Consider this an early booking for next year. I look forward to seeing everyone again.
- Jonathon, London

A tropical atmosphere for hard and soft players, wrought with sunscreen and whips. Any slaves or bottoms sustaining sunburn (or ropebum) know it was a small price to pay for a priceless week at Kink In The Caribbean.
- Mistress Leda, New York City